In praise of…. International Woodskin¬†

For the last couple of seasons Karisma’s brightwork had been looking pretty shabby, with the varnish on the teak around the companionway peeling, and the coach roof grab-handles faded to a dirty grey. With the fine weather this week, and while it’s still warm, I figured I would do something about it before it takes a real battering and water soaks into all the wood this winter. I’d put it off for ages because I feared a real job of work, but a ¬£5 bladed paint/varnish scraper from B&Q made quick work of all the old varnishes and tired patina, and a coating of International Woodskin– a sort of hybrid varnish and oil, which I have been told is long-lasting- provided a beautiful finish. Two more coats to go, but I’m pretty pleased with today’s results: