Nothing much going on- for a reason

I realise that our blog for the last two seasons has basically been an opening post, then not much, and then a sort of end-of-season round up. This isn’t great, and we’ve not posted anything this season at all.

There’s a reason for this. Karisma hasn’t been commissioned for 2019. She had her sails serviced by Sanders as usual in the winter, but we have not found time to bend the on, or use her at all, this season. She is securely moored in Milford haven as ever.

We have been overwhelmed, basically, by two job changes (me) and a house move in early summer, and now in July we find ourselves with a little bit of family time (maybe a week) to use her, or defer to 2020.

The result is she isn’t going to sail this year.

On the plus side: she certainly won’t be sold, and we will be sailing her in 2020 and blogging about it.

This year, sadly, is her first ‘year off’ in 18 years since she was built.

Not great, but bear with us to next season.


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