4 thoughts on “Looking like…

  1. Well, we were expecting a four to six week wait anyhow, but there was something of a job pileup in the marine engineers who are doing it. Cant wait to have her back in the water.


  2. Hello, found your blog whilst researching our own delivery trip from Cardiff to Milford. Always nice to see other fellow sailors who are crazy enough to sail with babies / toddlers! We have now relocated to Milford from Cardiff this week in search of some more sheltered sailing and nice family friendly anchorages for our three year old twins. Thanks for the tip re the discount at PYC for berthing at Milford which we have now joined. We are on B34 and around this weekend settling in, if you’re around getting your boat back in the water! Richard, Mari, Josh and Ben.


    1. Hello Richard and family, apologies for being so late in replying to you! we’ve only just got the boat back in the water and been down to her this weekend. We are around next weekend so will wander down to B pontoon and look you up, if you are around? Cheers 🙂


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