New Crew

I’ve been neglecting this blog of late. There are a few reasons (none bad): Karisma has been season-ready since before Christmas,”winterized” but otherwise ready to go, so there hasn’t been much activity to report; but more importantly, we have been celebrating the arrival of a new crew member.  Please pipe aboard Eiriol Gwenllian (“Eira”), who was born on 5th March 2017 weighing 7lbs 13 oz. She already has several sailor suits and a baby lifejacket in her posession, and I’m sure she’ll soon be able to hand, reef and steer with the best of them.

Eira’s arrival also means some (long planned) changes to our sailing; we are going to move Karisma west to Milford Haven this spring, and be based at either the town marina or Neyland. The sailing in the inner Bristol Channel is just too rough and variable- flat seas one minute, monstrous the next- and the distances between ports just too far for us to comfortable sailing here with her on board. We would either end up doing doughnuts in Cardiff Bay all season, or not using the boat at all. In the flat waters and shelter of the Milford ria we can make much more of the season, with short trips between Lawrenny, Neyland, Milford and Dale all possible even if the weather is not the best. The beaches are a bit better too! We may then keep the boat in Pembrokeshire for the forseeable future. So look out for a blog about the move, hopefully shortly after Easter!


One thought on “New Crew

  1. She’s lovely, and such a pretty name 🙂 Congratulations to you all!

    Milford sounds like the perfect plan. Far too much of a commute for us to be practical for anything more than a visit, but from everything I’ve read and everybody that’s ever enthused to me about it, and there have been a few, it sounds like the Falmouth / Carrick Roads of Pembrokeshire; absolute boating heaven.


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